Midas identifies the best investment properties on the market with Budapest’s numerous estate agents or through our own network.

We advise our clients on where and what to buy and style of renovation required.

We negotiate with the vendor on our clients behalf and will take you through the purchasing process highlighting areas of national differences.

We will show you any properties you are interested in viewing and introduce you to English speaking Hungarian solicitors who will explain the legal process and complete the formalities for you.

We can also renovate and manage your property for you. We have been renovating apartments for 10 years. We use only trusted, professional workmen who we know.

As we have been letting apartments in Budapest for over 5 years we have built up a network of trusted lettings agents who know our properties and offer a level of services that we feel is appropriate. We also have direct relationships with re-location companies, multinational corporations, embassies and non governmental organisations to ensure that our properties are not only let quickly but on attractive yields.

Service is one thing Hungary does not excel at. We have highly experienced, friendly and well travelled staff who appreciate the level of service required to be provided to foreigners moving to and living in Budapest. Our management team ensure that all aspects of the apartment are functioning correctly at all times. We only manage our own apartments so our focus is entirely on our customers enabling us to exceed our tenants and owners expectations.

We sell a number of apartments a year and we will, if we find an apartment that matches our exacting standards, sell apartments for other people. However, our interest is in maximising theinvestment potential of an apartment whether we are buying it or another investor is buying it from us. Therefore we always try to maintain the management agreement in order to ensure that the buyers expectations of yield and value are safeguarded.

Whilst these elements are not all encompassing, we can work with our clients the whole way through the process in order to maximise value for the client. The more we understand your requirements, the more we can focus on your needs and build a successful relationship. If clients wish to have specific extra services we can source partners to deliver them.